‘The Twenty First Century is when everything changes’. 

To what?


The Vorlons ask: ‘Who are you?’

The Shadows ask: ‘What do you want ?’

Dada Meinhof is of the Shadow party.


The leader must own everything in their world. There is no one else to blame. The leader must acknowledge mistakes and admit failures, take ownership of them, and develop a plan to win … In order to convince and inspire others to follow and accomplish a mission, a leader must be a true believer in the mission … If a leader does not believe, they will not take the risks required to overcome the challenges necessary to win … the leader must align their thoughts and vision to the mission … Actions and words reflect belief with a clear confidence that is not possible when belief is in doubt.

Jocko Willink & Leif Babin,

Extreme Ownership – How US Navy Seals Lead and Win (2015)