‘The Incredible Bleeding Woman’ – Incredible, Indeed

Marisa Carnesky is a performance-artist, whose latest work is discussed here:


It’s a familiar tactic of a certain kind of charlatan to fabricate a position which hardly anyone holds (a ‘strawman’) and then construct an opposition to this phantom so as to seem so correct. It’s a common tactic of masculinists (‘all feminists are man-hating whingers’) and pro-caps (‘socialists want the State to control everything and to make everyone equal’). Dr Carnesky seems to seriously believe that: As women we’ve internalised a misogynist culture that has tabooed menstruation and said it is dirty. Really ?

The comments to the Guardian article are worth reading. I was especially struck by the argument that the claim that co-resident women tend to synchronise their cycles is no better than an ‘urban myth’. I’ve long taken it for granted that this synchronisation was what happened, and that more or less everyone was aware of it. The argument seems quite technical and involves statistical stuff which is beyond me.

I should fess up that I’m a tad prejudiced re Carnesky because of her insistence on using the word ‘synchronicity’ – a word which carries the stink of the patriarchalist pro-nazi C G Jung.

I’m also less impressed than I was by the work of Chris Knight, which is part inspiration for her project (see FB ‘Radical Anthropology Group’). That’s not because I have really done any work on his theory (an astonishing and audacious Historical Materialist account of the origin of human culture which puts women at the centre of ‘the human revolution’); but because the more I’ve seen of him, the more he seems to me to be a deluded Labour leftist from Central Casting.

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